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Vice President Harris Makes Shocking Confession

CLAY: Kamala Harris, Buck, I listened to her interview with CNN. She had multiple days to get ready for an interview on Roe v. Wade, and every single time Kamala Harris talks I feel like she is the kid who has to get to 500 words in a paper and only has about a hundred words of an opinion. Here is Kamala Harris letting you know that she is “the daughter of a woman and the granddaughter of a woman.” This is important because, well, all of you are, too. But, well, she’s the vice president. Just listen.

BUCK: Well, Clay, let me just say, as the son of a father and the grandson of a grandfather and the great-grandson of a great-grandfather… I mean, we could do this all day.

CLAY: (laughing) This is unbelievable.

BUCK: Kamala Harris is definitely not going to be the Democrat nominee for the next election. That I do… That I do know, actually. You hear these clips, and I’m sorry. Even Joe Biden on his worst day manages to be more relatable and compelling than Kamala Harris.

CLAY: She is the full fruition of diversity and inclusion when diversity and inclusion is the goal as opposed to giving an opportunity to everyone, right? And I think this is an important distinction ’cause a lot of people miss it. Giving people opportunity is important, regardless of what their background is.

But giving people jobs just because of their identity ends up with Kamala Harris. I know people ripped Dan Quayle to the high heavens back in the 1980s when he was the vice president for George Bush Sr. But I gotta be honest with you, Buck. I can’t think of a more empty-suit politician in any of your lives than Kamala Harris. She can’t even be trusted to speak for 30 seconds without making herself look like an imbecile.

BUCK: It really does feel like, for any of you — and I had to go through a fair amount of this both at the CIA and then at the NYPD. Clay, did I mention on the show, I have been told recently by friends who have been left the CIA, which you would think, although look what’s going on with the military, which is even more —

CLAY: We played that awful Navy clip of the pronoun usage.

BUCK: The CIA and the intelligence community have this reputation. Now, a lot of people know deep state and the clowns that have come out and signed the letter about the Russians. Unfortunately, the brand has taken quite a beating in the last few years. We’re not looking for bin Laden anymore, so people are like, “What exactly are you guys doing?” But the wokeness is all over the intelligence community now.

The same kind of mentality you have with Gender and Pronoun Awareness Day and all this stuff. We shouldn’t be focusing federal resources on this, but of course we are, and this is resulting even, I think in part, in why military right now is having — new story just yesterday — huge problems in enrichment and recruitment issues, huge problems in getting and keeping people in across all armed services right now.

Well, because people don’t really want to sign up for and that they think is meant to be about service and being the best — and let’s be honest, being bad asses, which is why our military is there. They’re there to protect us and to defeat anyone else. Instead, what they’re getting a lot of now from the diversity-and-inclusion cadre is long lectures about inclusivity and using the proper pronouns. In a war zone, I can tell you, nobody cares about pronouns.

CLAY: Yeah. Nobody cares about pronouns who has a functional brain now, in our opinion. But it is unfortunate, if you’re 16 or 17 or 18 years old and you’re looking for life direction, do you want to go to a woke military? No. Look, you want to go, get yourself into elite physical shape and train to kick the crap out of people. I mean, look, let’s be honest. There are a lot of dudes and women who want to do that. That has a great deal of appeal to them. This idea that you’re gonna sit around and make sure that your pronouns are correct is a recipe for disaster for our military.

BUCK: What I was gonna say is, when you’re in the federal government, when you’re in local government service — place like the intelligence division the NYPD where I was — you have to sit through these lectures. And everyone’s sitting there, “Why are you wasting my time with this crap?” Kamala’s the person who gives you those lectures about diversity and inclusion. Kamala is the person who gives you those lectures on diversity and inclusion.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: It’s all boilerplate, it’s all sort of just this corporate, leftist commissar doublespeak. It’s crazy.

CLAY: The person who has the most power in many companies now is the person in charge of diversity and inclusion because whatever they say, if you question it, you’re questioning diversity and inclusion because they become the voice for it, and this is emblematic. Look, Democrats didn’t like Kamala Harris. She was polling less than 1%. She dropped out before any votes were actually cast, and then Joe Biden, old white guy, actually picked the person no Democrats liked — who called him a racist — as his vice-presidential candidate.

BUCK: It is going to be fascinating to watch. I believe we’re… I think it’s a year out. I have to check the schedule of when the decisions come out. The Supreme Court’s gonna outlaw affirmative action, folks.

CLAY: This fall. Yeah.

BUCK: This fall. Yeah. The Supreme Court’s gonna outlaw affirmative action.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: And that’s gonna have a lot of implications for universities, because we could open up the floodgates to lawsuits, and everybody should… I have kind of Operation Chaos in mind for that, but we’ll wait.

CLAY: It will be 6-3. Even John Roberts is going to agree to this opinion, that basically affirmative action in schooling has to go away. And they were close 20 years ago, and now they’re going to officially do it. And the Biden administration — you look at his cabinet, which is the most incompetent cabinet, I believe, in modern American history — and basically all he did was checkmark to make sure that every different group was represented in that cabinet. Not based on qualification or merit, but entirely based on identity, and Kamala Harris is leader of that brigade.

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