Mandalay Bay Sued Over Response to Vegas Shooting


"Someone call police. Someone is firing a rifle on the 32nd floor in the hallway," a Mandalay Bay maintenance employee says in a newly released recording, per Fox 5

But though hotel staffers responded to the outbreak of the Las Vegas mass shooting, asking for the shooter's room number and urging the worker to shield himself, ABC News reports that police weren't immediately called. 

A source who reviewed Mandalay Bay's phone records says it was only after Stephen Paddock began firing on the Route 91 festival that a call was placed to police. That was a full six minutes after security guard Jesus Campos was shot on the 32nd floor and it would be another 12 minutes before police arrived, unaware Campos was wounded. The delay in calling cops is just one criticism of Mandalay Bay, which is accused of failing to maintain a "reasonably safe condition" in the first lawsuit filed by a victim, per BuzzFeed.

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