Here Is Why That One Contestant On "The Bachelor" Is Hiding Her Age

posted by Allie Gold -

Every woman that comes on ABC franchise 'The Bachelor' is shown on camera with their first name, age, and job. However one detail was missing from Bekah's bio.... her age! 

How old if Bekah from The Bachelor? Well, we can assume just from looking that she is on the younger side. Then, when Bekah greeted The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk for the first time, she made a reference to being on the younger side. 

According to, the Los Angeles-based nanny is 22, making her the youngest contestant to ever appear on The Bachelor

After some digging on her Instagram, we were able to confirm that she is in fact 22. But there is a reason that ABC is hiding her age from the viewers.... From the looks of the previews for the upcoming season, the large age difference seems to be a plot line for Bekah in the show. 

Well, we can't wait to see this plot unfold Mondays at 8/7c! 

Photo: Instagram/Whats_Ur_Sign