Staff Cuts the President’s Mic During Rambling Answer

CLAY: Now, some of you may be saying, “Why isn’t Joe Biden having to answer that natural immunity question?” You heard Dr. Makary say the CDC on their own website gives a different analysis of what you should do if you had chicken pox when you were a kid, compared to if you had covid and you haven’t gotten vaccinated. Two different answers. Joe Biden, to my knowledge, has ever had to answer a natural immunity question. Why is that? Because they are running and hiding anytime Joe Biden has a question.

BUCK: The problem is him being asked a question.

CLAY: Well, they can’t even get questions to him. Listen to what happened yesterday when Joe Biden started to answer questions. They cut his mic! Listen.

BIDEN: Can I ask you a question? (long pause) One of the things that, uh… (pause) I’ve been working on with some others is —

CLAY: They cut him off! That’s the end. That’s not a mistake from us. Joe Biden is interacting with the media, and they will not allow him to answer questions. They cut his mic off. This is the leader of the Free World, Buck, and his own staff doesn’t trust him to be able to answer questions to such a degree that they turn his microphone off when he starts to answer questions. Embarrassing.

BUCK: And this is not happening in a vacuum. This is happening in the context of a president who frequently stands up at the podium and not only says weird, mumbling, bumbling, bizarre things, but will often say something like, “I’m not supposed to talk to you young folks out here.”

CLAY: (laughing) “They told me not to.” Yeah.

BUCK: He’s supposed to not talk to us? He’s the president. I want to know whose giving him the orders to not speak to us!

CLAY: Amen.

BUCK: You would think… I mean, remember what it was like under Trump? That guy, he would walk out to the helicopter behind the White House and he would do an impromptu press conference on the fly. Every one of those journalists that had assembled was there for one purpose and one purpose only: To attack him, to undermine him, to catch him in something they could say is a lie.

CLAY: Yes..

BUCK: Nine times out of 10, Trump was doing verbal roundhouse kicks to all the journos, which is why they hated him so much. Joe Biden doesn’t do a…  This is the Hidin’ Biden in the basement presidency even though he’s technically not in the basement anymore. That’s why when they’re cutting his mic, you say, “It’s not like this is a guy that usually takes questions,” Clay. This is a guy who everyone has questions about why can’t he handle questions?

CLAY: Biden will not take a single question! They will turn it off. Trump took hours of questions sometimes. I mean, he would stand at the podium and there were days he took hours of questions from the media. And yet the media would say, “Oh, we need to stroke the 25th Amendment on him,” even though — you know this, Buck — one of the most challenging things to do is extemporaneous unplanned discussion on a weekly basis what we do for three hours, right?

The president to be able to field questions like that and answer on the spot in a press conference setting is an incredible skill set. Biden can’t do it. Not only can he not do it, his own people are so terrified of him doing it, that they are cutting his mic off when he starts to answer questions in contravention of what they want him to do. Again, when you hear that, imagine what happened in, for instance, the phone conversation with Joe Biden and Chairman Xi in China.

It was 90 minutes, supposedly, Joe Biden talked to him? How much sense do you think he made, and how much do you think the authoritarian leader of China, Chairman Xi, when he’s sitting there listening to that conversation, is not like, “Oh, my God. The United States has elected a total buffoon who has lost control of his mental faculties. Do I have to be concerned about him on anything?”

Trade, Taiwan. They’re flying airplanes, threatening to fly airplanes directly over Taiwan. After watching Afghanistan, do you think China in any way is afraid of America being able to protect Taiwan after what they did in Hong Kong? Look, we have an empty suit as our president, and whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or independent, that ain’t good ’cause you know who takes advantage of empty suits, Buck? Bad guys. They take advantage of weakness, and we’re weak right now in the office of presidency.

BUCK: Biden doesn’t always get the most warm and fuzzy reception everywhere these days. We’ve been talking about the “blank” Joe Biden. You could say maybe —

CLAY: The letter F.

BUCK: Yes. They’re basically telling him to go Fauci himself.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: And they’re doing this in college football games all over the country. Also, when he was out in California, there was a motorcade, there was a big mob. We actually have this. His motorcade was being jeered at by some folks. So not everyone loves Joe.

FOLKS: (jeering and booing)

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: I know there were libs, there were leftists who were jeering Trump, too, but just funny because this is where the media propaganda machinery makes such a difference. If it were a Republican who had people gathering to boo him like that, it would be something that you would see everywhere. It would become part of the narrative of the news events of the day. But somehow, we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden is the beloved president.

CLAY: Most voted for president in the history of the country.

BUCK: He’s the most voted for president in the country. Everyone thinks he’s a steady hand. Everyone thinks he’s uniting. And we all just see, man, the emperor, not only does he have no clothes, he’s wandering around (impression), “Where are my pants?” angry Joe Biden style. It’s crazy.

CLAY: (laughing) It’s so unfortunate that we’ve ended up in this situation. It was imminently predictable. And they managed, the Democrats did, to hide Joe Biden while arguing that they were trying to be safe with covid going on. They stuck him in the basement. Think about it: If covid doesn’t happen, and Joe Biden is your presumptive Democratic nominee in March of 2020, and he has to go on the road?

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, eight months of campaigning on the roads. First of all, he wouldn’t have made it, right? Physically, I don’t think he would have made it. But if they had kept him on the road for eight months, Buck, it would have been impossible to disguise the mental decrepitude that he was dealing with, and it would have been so self-evident to everyone. The Democrats knew it they got fortunate in the context of being able to use covid as an excuse.

BUCK: If there wasn’t covid, yeah, he was gonna yell about Russia and he was gonna yell about Trump’s mean tweets.

CLAY: Black Lives Matter still, probably.

BUCK: Yeah, but they weren’t gonna be able to say, what, the economy was booming, the economy was fantastic.

CLAY: Lowest unemployment rate ever.

BUCK: Lowest unemployment. We’re at peace. We hadn’t been hit by a big terrorist attack in four years. The Trump presidency pre-covid — other than the narratives just mostly fabricated narratives about things like Russia and all rest of it — they didn’t really have an area of effective attack. So it’s a shame that this was the hand of cards that the country was dealt at this point in time —

CLAY: And the year that it happened, which is awfully convenient too.

BUCK: Yes. Yes, indeed. Absolutely.

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