BUCK: Democrats 'Off on Another Planet' In Terms of Tax Cuts

posted by Team Buck Staff - 

Speaking on ‘America Now’ Wednesday night, host Buck Sexton applauded the GOP’s efforts to finally focus on the American middle class, pointing out that after eight years of President Obama the only thing the democrats achieved was wrecking the US healthcare system.

“The tax issue matters a whole lot. It matters because of the narrative the Republicans can now deploy that, ‘We voted for them, we put them into office, they produced.’ They didn’t give us everything we wanted, but they did something and it’s going to be good,” said Buck.

“This looks pretty good, all things considered,” he added. “Eighty percent of Americans get a tax cut, the average cut is $2,140, 4.8 percent will get a tax increase.”

“Democrats are just off on another planet with this thing. I guess they don’t care that what they’re saying is demonstrably and aggressively false. But that’s what’s happening,” Sexton said.

“We had eight years of the Obama administration, Obama started out with the House and the Senate, what did they ever do for the Middle Class? I can tell you what the Obama administration did for the Middle Class. They made for the vast majority of you that get your healthcare in the individual market, they made your healthcare really expensive and crappy,” said Buck.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.


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