LISTEN: President Trump UPENDS Eight Years of 'Professor Obama' with 'America First' Doctrine

posted by Team Buck Staff - 

Speaking on ‘America Now’ Monday night, host Buck Sexton outlined President Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policy doctrine; highlighting the staggering differences between Trump’s approach and eight years of Barack Obama.

“The Trump doctrine, it is a very different approach, and you have to compare it to what came before to have an understanding of how radical the departure really is,” said Buck. “It’s very different from what was put forth by President Obama, and also what was enacted by Obama for eight years.”

Sexton went on to blast Obama’s foreign policy, saying the former Commander-in-Chief sounded more like an “International Affairs professor” than an American President.

“This is what I’d expect from most International Relations 101 classes, a professor talking about how the world functions,” he added. “It was astonishing to go back and read the Obama national security documents.”

“As Trump said today, when he came into office a lot of it was just about cleaning up the mess; the notion of ‘strategic patience’ with North Korea. We don’t have the time,” said Buck. “Trump beat the Islamic State. And everyone that’s paying attention to what has happened in Iraq and Syria is saying, ‘Wow, that’s happening a lot faster than it was supposed to be.’ Well yeah, it’s because Trump came into office and he asked, ‘How do we beat the bad guys?’”

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.


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