BUCK: Mainstream Media Has 'Totally Lost Touch with Reality' Over President Trump

posted by Team Buck Staff - 

National radio host Buck Sexton unloaded on the “delirious” media on Monday night, blasting pundits for blaming the plight of foreign journalists in China and Turkey on President Trump; adding liberal journalists have completely “lost touch with reality.”

Sexton was referring to a recent Washington Post article that laid the fate of foreign journalists squarely at the feet of President Trump, saying he was enabling international leaders to crackdown on reporters.

“This is how bias actually manifests itself. It’s not that people at CNN are constructing completely fabricated, checkable facts on a regular basis. Bias is more malleable and more insidious than that,” said Buck.

“We’ve gone into crazy-town now. There are journalists sitting in prison in Turkey and China, and the Washington Post is writing about that, but it’s actually Trump’s fault,” he added. “This is a delusion now. This is a form of deliriousness. They have lost touch with reality. China’s been jailing journalists for a long time… Turkey’s the worst country in the world for journalism.”

“This is what I mean about the delusions, the deliriousness, the silly objections that come from supposedly serious people in the media,” said Buck.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.


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