BUCK: Desperate Democrats SCRAMBLE to Explain anti-Trump Bias at FBI

posted by Team Buck Staff - 

National radio host Buck Sexton weighed-in on Robert Mueller’s “rotten” investigation into Russian election interference last week, saying Democrats are “scrambling” to explain to fair-minded Americans why the special counsel’s probe is filled with anti-Trump operatives.

“Trump calling out the FBI, at least the part of the FBI that’s involved, those individuals at the bureau who’ve had a hand in the Russia-collusion investigation, the Mueller probe, and all of that stuff,” said Buck.

“It was a very bad week for the Mueller probe for anybody who’s being honest about what’s out there and what we found out. Increasingly, it’s going to be difficult for the left to continue this unless they have some new information they can bring to light,” he added.

“This entire Russia-Trump collusion […] would require an international conspiracy to throw an election involving Russian secret intelligence, and cyber-hacking, and somehow they’ve kept the conspiracy a secret. They’ll believe that, but they don’t believe [it] when you say pro-Hillary DOJ and FBI officials saw an opening to investigate the Trump campaign and they went for it,” Sexton said. “Why is that crazy? What about that doesn’t add up?”

“It just doesn’t make any sense. What we’re seeing now… is that there were people who hated Trump. And the Democrats are scrambling now for a way to explain this to fair-minded Americans,” he added.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.


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