LISTEN: Buck Breaks Down Controversial FCC 'Net Neutrality' Decision

posted by Team Buck Staff - 

Speaking on ‘America Now’ Thursday night, host Buck Sexton broke down the controversial FCC decision to strike-down Obama’s ‘Net Neutrality’ regulations on internet service providers, saying liberals are worried that the lack of government control will spurn mega corporations that impact average users.

“You get three different FCC commissioners, you get three different answers. Net neutrality, big deal today. People are all kinds of upset about this,” said Buck. “There was an FCC meeting on net neutrality that had to be adjourned because of a bomb threat.”

“There are Democrats and leftists who say that the rollback by a 3-2 decision of the FCC of the Obama-era net neutrality decision is a catastrophic thing for the internet and for the digital world. There are a lot of other people who say, ‘The internet was doing great in 2015, it wasn’t a problem,’” he added.

“On the one hand, there’s those who believe the government should have a stronger hand in regulating everything, including technology, versus those who have a more free-market, libertarian approach,” Sexton said. “The Obama administration decision means that the internet, for the purposes of federal law and federal regulation, is a utility; similar to laws about water and electricity getting to your house.”

“Here’s where the concern comes in for most folks… people are worried that you’re going to have mega corporations that will mean there’s an anti-competitive [environment] that places like Comcast […] they’re merging with companies that do content, and have platforms they’re trying to grow,” he added.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.


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