BUCK: Mueller's Trump Witch Hunt is 'Rotten to the Core'

posted by Team Buck Staff - 

National radio host Buck Sexton ripped recent revelations that the same people investigating President Trump’s “collusion” with Russia were responsible for letting Hillary Clinton off-the-hook, saying the Mueller probe is “rotten to the core” and is “too far gone.”

“Some of the people who are directly involved with trying to use the legal system and the Department of Justice in this country to slow –and perhaps even stop- the current administration were involved in the decision-making about Hillary’s emails,” said Buck.

“This is just looking at what has happened in this country in the corridors of power. The ability to prosecute is the ability to destroy,” he added. “That is among the most weighty and awesome powers that the federal government has over all of us. When we see its clear abuse for political ends, we should be deeply disturbed and upset by it.”

“The revelation [about Hillary] is just confirmation. It is confirming what we already knew: That FBI Director Comey… was bailing out his future boss. Comey liked the notion that he would continue to be FBI Director with a President that he saved from a criminal prosecution,” Sexton said.

“You cannot help but compare what happened for the Hillary investigation […] to what’s going on with the Trump investigation, and all the stuff that’s going on with the Mueller probe,” said Buck. “It’s just rotten to the core. There’s too much that’s problematic that we already know about. It’s already too far gone.”


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