BUCK: Democrat Doug Jones is a 'Pro-Abortion Zealot'

posted by Team Buck Staff - 

National radio host Buck Sexton weighed-in on Roy Moore’s razor-thin defeat in Alabama this week, saying the judge’s loss paves the way for “pro-abortion” Doug Jones to derail the GOP Senate’s efforts to scale back the nation’s “immoral abortion laws.”

“Trump was saying Luther Strange would win, Roy Moore might lose, and as we know, sure enough the vote tallies came in and Roy Moore lost,” said Buck. “The write-ins were the difference.”

“Enough Alabamans were clearly uncomfortable with Roy Moore for a variety of reasons, most likely the allegations against him,” he added. “Let’s be honest. Here’s where we are on this. On the bad side of things, you get a Democrat who won. He’s a pro-abortion zealot, you can even say an extremist, all nine months of a pregnancy. He’s totally in line with NARAL and planned parenthood.”

“Any effort that the Senate may have tried to make over the next couple of years to do something about our outrageous and immoral abortion laws in this country, he’s a big problem, the Doug Jones vote. He’s not going to bend on that. That’s a real issue,” Sexton said.

“Whether you like Moore as a candidate or not, apart from that it’s a problem that Doug Jones is a vote for abortion and all nine months of a pregnancy. That’s a loss, that’s a problem,” he added.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.


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