LISTEN: Media Downplays Seriousness of Would-be Suicide Bomber 'INFILTRATING' Mid-town Manhattan

National radio host Buck Sexton called-out the mainstream media on Tuesday following the botched terror attack in the heart of New York City, saying the press was downplaying the seriousness of a would-be suicide bomber “infiltrating” mid-town Manhattan.

“I knew this would happen because there were no casualties from the terrorist attack with Akayed Ullah… we have almost entirely moved in. There’s very little sense that we need to have a discussion about that incident,” said Buck. “I keep reminding everybody… a suicide-bomber infiltrated mid-town Manhattan and almost took out dozens of people.”

“He didn’t build a pipe-bomb thinking it was just going to singe his hand and his tummy a little bit and not hurt anybody. He thought he was going to get a big boom, shrapnel, he’d be in a million pieces, kill a bunch of innocent people, maim a bunch of people; he was a suicide bomber. Nobody’s saying it,” he added.

“It’s already faded out of our headlines, even though now there’s more chatter, more calls for ISIS sympathizers to engage in similar attacks,” Sexton said. “This is once again, this terrorist attack in New York City, straight out of the playbook. No surprises whatsoever. He was radicalized by reading things online, it started a few years ago, he saw things about the Islamic State.”

“How did this guy get here? Why was he here?” asked Buck. “It turns out that […] Ullah was here as a result of both the diversity lottery and chain migration. Two inexplicable policies from the perspective of making things better for the American people.”

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.

The Buck Sexton Show

The Buck Sexton Show

Buck Sexton is a former political commentator for CNN, and previously served as national security editor for and host of “The Buck Sexton Show” on TheBlazeTV and TheBlazeRadio. He’s a frequent guest host for The Rush Limbaugh Show,... Read more


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