BUCK: Liberal Reporters in TOTAL DENIAL Over Threat from Islamic Terrorism

posted by Team Buck Staff - 

Speaking on ‘America Now’ Tuesday night, host Buck Sexton slammed liberal reporters for their out-of-touch political correctness in regards to Islamic terrorism, saying the mainstream media was “aghast” at the fact that you’re less likely to “get jihadists from Taiwan than from the tribal areas of Yemen.”

“The reporters in the press briefing today were aghast at the notion, aghast that maybe bringing people from countries that are deeply different from ours culturally, and have no skills with which to compete in what is an information-based economy […] may be more susceptible to radicalization,” said Buck.

“The room [erupted] in a flurry of all of these questions. I wanted to say, ‘You know what guys? You’re sitting here thinking you’re all fancy journalists. Are we really going to pretend –in terms of percentages- that the population of Luxembourg isn’t less likely to produce people who radicalize for a whole bunch of reasons than someone from the Northwest Frontier Province in Pakistan?’” he asked.

“I’m picking extremes purposely here. But if you were in that briefing room, they said, ‘What are you saying? Are you saying that someone who comes from the tribal regions of Yemen is more likely to radicalize than an immigrant from Taiwan with a PhD in computer science?” Sexton said.

“Percentage wise… yes. I think we’re saying that. That’s right, less likely to get jihadists from Taiwan than from the tribal areas of Yemen. This is just fact,” he added.


Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.


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