“It Is What It Is” Is the Only Adult Way of Dealing with Coronavirus

RUSH: They're still livid that Trump said "it is what it is" about COVID cases and the number of deaths. So if they ask Trump, "Mr. President, it's been said that you're not gonna leave the White House if you lose. Will you leave?" "Well, it'll be what it'll be." It will just drive them crazy.

Now, this business of "it is what it is," folks, is there any other alternative than accepting the reality of the situation? When it comes to COVID-19 and the virus, is there any alternative to accepting the reality? What is the reality? The reality is we have a pandemic. The reality is we have a virus for which, at the moment, there is no vaccine.

And, for all intents and purposes, there is no magic, therapeutic pharmaceutical that, if you take it, you're guaranteed to recover. We're getting close but we're not there yet. What alternative do we have other than to deal with it? What does that mean? "Deal with it" does not mean hide from it. You can't. You can't hide from this. You can't hide from any virus.

At some point you're gonna have to face it. I mean, you can quarantine yourself all you want. You can vow to stay holed up in your home, your hovel, your shack, your hut, wherever you live, for as long as you want, but you gotta come out at some point. And when you come out, you're vulnerable if there hasn't been any change on the vaccine or therapeutic side. So there's no other alternative but than to deal with it.

This is who we are, as Americans. We don't cower in the corner in fear. We don't run away from these challenges. We face them head on and try to solve them. But we adapt. That's what we do better than most because we have freedom and liberty to adapt more than most in the world have. There's no other choice but than to accept it.

So if 45,000 new cases a day, we can wish it weren't true all we want, but ain't gonna change anything. So the idea that we have a pandemic, we have the virus, gonna face it. The idea that this somehow insensitive and controversial is absurd. In fact, it's the only adult way of looking at it. We can't afford to all act like children with this, folks. We can't.

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