Woman Accused Of Poisoning Friend Using Eye Drops, Stealing $300K

A Wisconsin woman has been arrested in connection with the 2018 death of her friend. Prosecutors said that Jessy R. Kurczewski poisoned her friend using eyedrops and staged it to look like a drug overdose. They said that she even crushed up pills and put them on her friend's chest and a plate near her body.

Authorities believed the story until the autopsy report came back and found that the victim had a fatal dose of tetrahydrozoline in their system. Tetrahydrozoline is the main ingredient in eye drops, and the medical examiner said it was impossible to have such a high concentration of the chemical just from using the eye drops as directed.

Kurczewski continued to change her story as investigators questioned her about the death. Officials began to suspect that Kurczewski was involved in the woman's death after her family told authorities they did not believe she was suicidal and found it strange that she left all of her possession to Kurczewski.

Officials said that Kurczewski was listed as a "beneficiary" of the woman's estate and received $130,000 after she died. They also accused Kurczewski of stealing an additional $290,210 from the woman.

Kurczewski is facing charges of homicide and felony theft and is being held on a $1 million bond.

Photo: Waukesha County Sheriff's Office