George Zimmerman's lawsuit against NBC will move forward now that he has been acquitted of murder charges.  Attorneys for the Florida neighborhood watch volunteer say the network aired an edited 911 call last year that made it seem as if Zimmerman was focused on Trayvon Martin's race before he shot the teenager during an altercation.  Zimmerman's attorney tells the "Washington Post," "We're going to start in earnest asap."  Zimmerman called 911 to report a man he said was behaving suspiciously.  When the dispatcher asked him about the race of the man, Zimmerman said "he looks black."  When NBC aired an excerpt from the call on the "Today" show, the tape was edited to have Zimmerman saying, "This guy looks like he's up to no good... he looks black."  

NBC apologized for the error it said took place during the production process and promised to take the necessary steps to prevent the error from happening in the future.  Zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder and a lesser charge of manslaughter in Martin's death Saturday.  The verdict has prompted much reaction and protest.

Photo: Getty Images